Valuing Lives
Wolf Wolfensberger and the Principle of Normalization


  • Social Role Valorization

    This website, administered by the International Association for SRV, promotes education, assessment, and leadership to assist in the implementation of SRV concepts so that vulnerable people may have access to the good things in life.

  • Wolf Wolfensberger

    Developed with the support of the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, this website provides access to a video presentation by Dr. Wolfensberger and Susan Thomas titled "A History of Human Services, Universal Lessons, and Future Implications." The website includes an image gallery featuring all of the slides used in this history presentation.

  • The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project

    The SRV Implementation Project is a human service training, evaluation, and consultation effort aimed at addressing the social devaluation of impaired and other vulnerable people in contemporary society. The website includes ordering and submission information for the SRV Journal.

  • The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities

    This website provides rich historical information, including presentations and documentary films, that support the increased independence, productivity, self determination, integration, and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • Leadership in the History of the Developmental Disabilities Movement

    This multimedia website profiles the experiences of key leaders in the developmental disabilities movement from 1845 through the present through historical trends and public and professional perceptions.

  • The Wolfensberger Collection at UNMC’s McGoogan Library

    The Wolfensberger Collection at UNMC’s McGoogan Library presents a unique opportunity for continuing scholarly research and activities from one of the field’s most influential thinkers – Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger. As we build a living, breathing resource for scholars and practitioners, our funding priorities include support for ‘people’ as we inventory, archive and discover all of the treasures associated with the Collection and support for technology as we digitize Dr. Wolfensberger’s life works.