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Projects Web Site on Person-Centered Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Provides resources and information on leading-edge, person-centered supports for use by individuals with disabilities, families, advocates, government officials, and service providers, in a wide variety of topical areas from across the country.

Staff: Kristin Dean, John D Westerman, Amy S Hewitt, Claire Cunningham, Roger Stancliffe, Nancy J McCulloh, Beth E Fondell, Angela N Amado, Jerry W Smith, Sheryl A Larson, John G Smith

Collaborators: National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services, Human Services Research Institute

Putting Faith to Work

Provides customized training, tools, and technical assistance to specific Minnesota faith communities, building their capacity to use best practices in employment and career development with their members with disabilities. Putting Faith to Work will utilize person-centered employment planning tools within the faith communities to connect participating members with disabilities to quality employment opportunities, and then enhance the communities' ability to provide other appropriate, individualized supports to those individuals. The project expands the reach of what faith communities do so well: acknowledge the gifts and needs of their members, maintain strong community connections, and address local community needs. This model supplements, rather than replaces, other service providers or employment agencies, contributing to development of a fuller range of formal and informal employment supports in local communities. The work in Minnesota is part of the larger Putting Faith to Work project based at the [Vanderbilt Kennedy Center](

Staff: Angela N Amado, Joe Timmons

Collaborators: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Vanderbilt University, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky, Easter Lutheran Church, Basilica of Saint Mary, The, St Odilia Catholic Church, Unity Church-Unitarian